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Your Membership brings a range of benefits which extend to private member’s clubs and special deals on food and wine home delivery.

Our aim: to reward good customers with a little bit extra.

  • Gain access to a kitchen tour or an area that would otherwise be out-of-bounds.
  • Enjoy a perk like a complimentary course or glass of Gusbourne English Sparkling wine.
  • Access a special rate as a thank you when you spend more than average at a particular establishment.
  • Receive priority access and special rates when booking "Harden's Invites" events and online happenings.

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London Restaurant Awards

Hear the reactions from the capital's top chefs, street food vendors and fronts-of-house as we present 12 awards based on our annual restaurant survey.

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Hot newcomers

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The 2024 Harden's Guide

2024 Hardens London Restaurant Guide

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Financial Times

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