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Livestream May 6: Unionization at Amazon

On Wednesday, May 6th, at 7 PM easternJewish Currents will host a livestreamed discussion of the recent efforts at unionization in Amazon warehouses and the implications for the wider labor movement in the Covid-19 era.

Moderated by contributing writer Rachel Cohen, this event will feature Jacobin’s Alex Press, the author of a recent Jewish Currents report on Amazon workers, and Dania Rajendra, the director of Athena, a coalition of labor and social justice groups challenging Amazon.

To register for this event, fill out the adjacent form, and please share this link widely!

Rachel Cohen (@rmc031) is a freelance journalist in Washington, where she covers labor, politics, climate and other issues. She’s also a proud contributor to Jewish Currents.


Alex Press (@alexnpress) is an assistant editor at Jacobin magazine and a freelance writer based in New York.



Dania Rajendra (@DaniaRajendra) directs the coalition Athena, dedicated to delivering democracy by removing Amazon as an impediment to a democracy that finally represents us all and an economy that benefits everyone.

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