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920+ Toronto area Amazon Workers Got COVID

More than 900 Amazon workers got COVID-19, data shows — as new modelling warns of growing variant infections across essential workplaces | The Star

The article is behind a paywall. It says public health authorities in Ontario have identified workers with essential jobs as being a key vector for the transmission of new more transmissable variants of SARS-CoV2, and that neighborhoods with high concentrations of essential workers — who, in Canada, as in the US, are disproportionately BIPOC — have much higher rates of the new infections. The picture of an Amazon warehouse above is from the Toronto Star, where no photo credit is given visibly.

The Washington Post covers the consequences for Canada of this Amazon-fueled new surge:

Canada coronavirus: British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec impose restrictions as cases surge – The Washington Post

Across the country, public health officials and infectious-disease experts are reporting that the patients who are hospitalized with more severe illness are younger than during previous surges. The ages of younger people infected varies across the country, but generally they are under age 60.

“As the new variants spread, you will see that covid-19 is killing faster and younger,” Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of a panel of scientists advising Ontario Premier Doug Ford, said Thursday as he unveiled new modeling for the province. “It’s spreading far more quickly than it was before, and we cannot vaccinate quickly enough to break this third wave.”

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