Boycott Amazon Campaign Labor actions Stand with Palestine

Amazon and Google Workers Oppose Apartheid Tech

Amazon and Google tech workers have called mass actions against the corporations’ participation in high-tech projects that enforce Israeli apartheid and militarism against the Palestinian people for Thursday, Sept. 8 in NY, Seattle and San Francisco.

From their press release:

Hundreds of employees of the American tech giants Google and Amazon are scheduled to organize three vigils next Thursday outside the headquarters of the two companies calling for the cancellation of Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion deal with Israel that will provide it with cloud storage services and artificial intelligence tools.

The #NoTechForApartheid movement said vigils are also expected to be held in the cities of San Francisco, New York and Seattle in an effort to prevent Israel from using technology in its crimes against the Palestinian people.

The movement, which was founded last year, has also started a campaign to sign a petition calling on the management of the two companies to cancel the deal. The deal, so far been signed by nearly 40,000 American citizens, calls on the two tech giants to “stop dealing with the Israeli apartheid regime and withdraw from the Nimbus project.”

The petition affirmed its solidarity with hundreds of Amazon and Google employees who are courageously calling for withdrawal from the Nimbus contract.

You can sign the petition on their website:

There is also a national planning call for solidarity with Amazon workers against union busting for the same day.

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