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Amazon Workers in IE to Strike Friday

I am Anna Ortega and I work at KSBD, Amazon’s air hub in San Bernardino.

I’m writing today to let you know that we, Inland Empire Amazon Workers United, are going on strike this Friday, October 14 to protest Amazon’s unfair labor practices and send a strong message to Amazon that workers at KSBD and across the country are standing up for what we deserve!

Amazon managers and Amazon consultants have responded to us by targeting, threatening and trying to intimidate us. Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going down at KSBD:

  • By August, 900+ workers signed a petition for an hourly pay increase.
  • Then 150+ of us walked off the job to demand better pay, safe working conditions, and an end to retaliation.
  • During September’s heatwave, we recorded temperatures as high as 121 degrees onsite and confronted management about health and safety concerns.
  • A few weeks ago, Amazon announced just $1/hour pay increase.

We gave Amazon a deadline (yesterday) to meet our demands, and they failed. Now, we are on strike to protest Amazon’s unfair labor practices and shameful response to us fighting for better, safer jobs with fair wages and an end to retaliation.

This is our home and these are our jobs. We are going to do everything in our power to make them safe and to make sure we can pay our rent, buy gas, eat three meals and do more than just survive.

Want to support us? Here’s how:

Un abrazo,  Anna Ortega


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